Foster Parents
Treatment foster care is a family-based program that provides foster children with a living environment as an alternative to a residential or group home setting. Treatment foster homes receive additional support services such as weekly therapy sessions, a higher care giver pay rate, respite care and monthly foster parent support meetings. Foster parents receive advanced training and support to become part of the treatment team.

Jerry O. Pittman, Chief Executive Officer

Jerry O. Pittman, Chief Executive Officer has been an entrepreneur for more than 28 years. His vision has always been to help individuals with specialized needs maximize their potential. Progressive Steps, Inc. a 501 C-3 nonprofit agency has embraced that vision by serving children in need of treatment foster care.

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Progressive Steps, Inc.

 Treatment Foster Care
Open your heart and home to a child. Foster care gives children a temporary home when children are unable to live with their biological parents. The goal of foster care is to find permanent homes for every child in need of a loving and supportive home.