Becoming A Treatment Foster Parent In Baltimore, MD

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Long Term Care
Open your heart and home to a child. Foster care gives children a temporary home when they are unable to live with a biological parent. The goal of foster care is to find permanent homes for every child in need of a loving and supportive environment. If you have considered becoming a treatment foster parent, there are several things to consider.

You do not need to have previous foster parent experience. You do need to be loving, patient and able to provide a safe, nurturing home. As a licensed, treatment foster parent you must be willing to learn about the needs of the child. This includes receiving annual training as required by the State of Maryland. Specific responsibilities are developed for each foster parent according to the unique needs of the child placed in care.


Application with Picture I.D

Completed Home Study Questionnaires/ Completed Home Study Report

Physicals/TB Test- All Family Members

Criminal Background Check

Fingerprinting- State and Federal

Home Health Inspection

Fire Inspection

Home Inspection Walk-Thru (Environmental Survey)

References: (2) Professional and (1) Family

Child Abuse, Neglect and Discipline Policy Signed

CPR/First-Aid Certification for infant/child/ and adult

Pre-service Training- 27 hrs. completed

Copy of W-2 Form, or most recent pay stubs, or proof of financial stability

Notarized Consent for Release of Information for Child

Protective Clearance

Notarized Consent for Release of Information for Child

Support Clearance

Copy of Driving Record

Copy of Driver's License

Copy of automobile insurance- Declaration Page

Homeowner's insurance- Declaration Page

Renters’ insurance- Declaration Page

Proof of Education- High School Diploma, College, or Continuing education

Proof of marital status- divorce decree, separation agreement, death certificate.

Designated backup provider- 21years or older, must agree to fingerprint/background check/ child protective clearance, physical with T.B. test, and two hour orientation training.

Sex offender Registry clearance

Maryland Judiciary

Minimum of three interviews and visits with the applicant.

Foster parents are chosen for their ability to handle the complex needs of special children. The foster child could have one or more disabilities. This could include physical, emotional, and developmental disabilities. They could also have a health condition such as a drug dependency, AIDS, or other condition. 

Will you provide the loving home a foster child needs? Find out how you can make a difference in the life of a child right here in Baltimore.

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