Progressive Steps Inc.

About Us

Founded in 1991, by Jerry O. Pittman, CEO, Progress Steps Inc. (PSI) serves the needs of children in treatment foster care. This program offers an alternative to institutional care of children with special needs. The foster children served could have one or more disabilities, ranging from including physical and developmental to emotional. They could also have a health issue, such as being substance exposed, AIDS, or other health conditions. 

Providing treatment foster care is as rewarding as it is complicated. In addition to providing physical and emotional care, foster parents help children learn the social and academic skills needed to be a part of the community. Foster parents must stay in touch with their foster child's teachers and therapists to ensure adequate development. If the Court has allowed contact with the biological family, the foster family ensures this contact takes place. 

Each foster care placement is through the Maryland local Departments of Social Services, or other licensed child placement agencies. Progressive Steps, Inc. provides services for foster parents so they can be the best resource for their foster child. Progressive Steps, Inc. recruits, trains, licenses and monitors its foster parents. We help guide them along the way, ensuring the success of the family as well as the child.

Progressive Steps, Inc. (PSI) is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. Click here to contact us for more information on how you can help our cause.

Progressive Steps Inc. Treatment Foster Care In Baltimore, MD