Ready to open your home to a child in Baltimore?

Our services at Progressive Steps, Inc. are designed to promote mental health and improve functioning in children, youth, adults and families. Our personalized counseling services are offered by licensed Mental Health Practitioners.

Give the gift of a home.

For Foster Parents
PSTEPs is committed to assisting individuals living with mental illness reach a higher level of independence. Staff focuses on helping individuals gain the emotional, social and intellectual skills and qualities necessary to adequately live within the community.
You do not need to have previous foster parent experience. You do need to be loving, patient and able to provide a safe, nurturing home. Find out how to become a treatment foster care parent, and open your home to a child in need in Baltimore.
Want to share your home with a child, but you are unsure of where to start? We can help!
Outpatient Mental Health Services

​Psychiatric Rehabilitation    Program

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